Engineering & Design Concepts

EDC vertically integrates Design, Automated Test and Manufacturing to assist OEM’s in creating and delivering quality market leading products on time. We have been providing uniquely engineered solutions across all major markets for over a decade.

Automated Test Equipment

Designing test systems to satisfy complex Automated Test Procedures (ATP’s), Department of Defense (DOD) specifications or to fulfill industry regulations such as the FDA, delivering validated test results is what we do best. Combining state-of the-art hardware design, software expertise and mechanical automation/material handling experience, our customers know that an optimal test solution that is cost effective will be designed to suite their needs.

New Product Development

EDC designs and develops innovative, stylish, and cost-effective products that address the needs of users as well as the marketplace. Front-end creative capabilities include product exploration, market research, 2-D sketch level drawings, 3-D mock ups, proofs of concept, interaction and interface models, and detailed hard models and product packaging. Bringing their products to market quickly and cost effectively.