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Some people dream of success. We design, build, test, and deliver it.
EDC has long been known for providing top-quality, cost-effective solutions for its customers. Whether its innovative designs, build to print, prototypes, production, improving process solutions, repairing, retrofitting or restoring existing equipment, EDC provides a "one-stop shop" for its customers through innovation and creativity.
EDC can provide a wide spectrum of work ranging from basic machining and wiring to more advanced technical services including;

Mechanical Assemblies

Electro-mechanical Assemblies

Precision Mechanical Fixtures

Product Prototypes

Wiring Services

Welding Services

Sheet Metal

PCB Population

EDC offers a Build-to-Print service for Customer-designed products. Whether you provide the completed design or only a partial design, EDC provides completed solutions.  Since 1998, EDC has provided manufacturing bandwidth for its customers. By guaranteeing absolute confidentiality, EDC is able to offer its services as a trusted technical partner.
EDC designs custom software solutions for its customers. This includes writing code to work with standard real-time systems, embedded operating systems, custom drivers, assembly, FPGA’s, PLC’s, micro PLC’s, LabVIEW, C++ and many others.
Whether your requirements call for a small data
acquisition application, a custom solution or the experience of an architect to guide your project in the right direction, our engineering team has the experience, training and bandwidth to assist you in achieving your goals.  We can provide you with software architecture, test modules, instrument drivers, graphical user interface GUI design, custom test executives, system self-test modules, and more.
Our expertise in LabVIEW combined with our in-depth knowledge and experience of automated test and measurement systems across multiple industries enables us to deliver an optimum solution for any situation.
EDC has created a test platform based on LabVIEW that utilizes text files to execute Automated Test Procedures.  The text files, recreate the test or setup procedure by specifying actions, measurements and instructions/images for the system/operator. This architecture allows for system expansion/modification without the need to re-validate the test platform itself. Feel free to call for more information.

At EDC, we understand your unique design needs.

EDC can meet your electronic product/test equipment development needs by providing full turnkey product/test equipment design. EDC offers complete engineering design capabilities involving multiple engineering disciplines. 

Electronic Design Services are provided by our experienced staff of engineering design professionals for both analog and digital electronic circuit design. EDC has extensive experience designing complex digital and analog electronics in a variety of process technologies.  This allows us to fulfill special requirements not available from commercial-off-the-shelf measurement and control products. We have the capabilities to design custom circuit boards, electronic test fixtures, high/low power analog and digital circuits, and custom cable assemblies. 


Mechanical Design Services from EDC have expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, robotics, Instrumentation, test, electronics packaging, vacuum and dip brazing, etc...  As a complete engineering design services partner, EDC provides clients with outstanding designs, a thorough knowledge of GD&T (ASME Y14.5) and leverages over 20 years of expertise in solid modeling/CAD, CAM and CAE.  By having the various engineering disciplines in house, EDC is able to deliver synergistic, economical solutions that are designed for manufacturability. 

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